Aron Groups Broker
Video production for advertisement on TV and social media
Video production is one of our passions
Once, our client Aron Groups Broker had come to us with a special request to create a brand video that they wanted to use for promotion on social media and even TV. The purpose was to increase brand awareness.

We immediately got to work as we had to plan everything thoroughly: from idea to production.
Working on the concept
After some discussions, we came out with 4 different concepts for the video that later were shown to Aron Groups Broker. Each concept took into account the main message of the client and its features:

  • Aron Groups Broker is designed to be accessible to both professionals and beginners.

  • The broker is suitable for those with small and big investments.

  • Aron Groups is about people, moving forward, etc.
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Leo
Photo by Paul
Photo by Lea
Based on the concept approved by Aron Groups Broker, we began working on the script. After that, we created a storyboard that was also reviewed by the client.

The whole action would take place in the cafe with guests trading on Aron Groups Broker. Thanks to the handy broker’s features, they manage to get astonishing results with profits even during a casual launch outside.

Production team
Once all the preparations were completed, it was time to get to realization. We contacted the production team, selected the director, and scheduled all the work.

The perfect setting for the vision of the video was chosen. Cast, outfits, color scheme, and a suited voice for the voice-over — everything was ready for filming.

Production and editing
When working with motion design, our mission was to show that Aron Groups Broker has many unique offers for customers. Therefore we have developed:
Design, animation, and notification tracking
Design and animation for trading screens
Final Results
With all the hard work that was put into the creation of the Aron Groups Broker video, we managed to not only create an excellent promo video but also fulfill all of our plans and expectations.
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