Navigation in the communication design
Any company starts with a good idea and proceeds with a well-considered concept that helps with brand awareness. And an online Forex broker, M4Markets, thought the same.

One day, they approached us with a very important request — work on their image on social media. The broker’s desired goals were the following:

a) Make M4Markets stand out from the competitors

b) Increase outreach and subscriber count

c) Bring brand values to the audience

d) Increase loyalty and engagement

Once all was discussed, we got right into action!
Strong brand image means unwavering resilience in the face of competitors. So we started building a robust multi-level strategy with relatable content — and after days of work, the right concept was created.
We settled with the broker on the concept based on the brand’s slogan: M4Markets — your trading navigator.
Why navigator? Well, it’s a simple thing that we see almost every day. In the metro, airport, or train station we often read simple navigation symbols that we associate with the correct path. And so, we decided to apply these familiar signs and patterns to our designs in order to get the desired effect in communication.

This perfectly fits into the main concepts of the broker: transparency, honesty, and innovation — as well as allows to create the design around visual triggers that users trust.
Creating a concept for M4Markets was a joy but actually seeing the visual embodiment of our ideas was an experience incomparable to anything. The approval from the broker meant that the concept was spot on.
Once work on the concept was completed, it was time to create designs and posts for social media.
We divided it into 3 main categories each having a different purpose and goal — this helped us create a diverse feed with different content that keeps audience interested.

Informational content: company news, announcements, and events. To bring attention to the content the following designs were made.

Entertainment content: gamification, motivational and engaging posts. This fun category was supported by eye-catching designs.

Selling content: promotions, campaigns, contests, various activities, and broker’s advantages. It was supported by such designs.
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