Traffic boost

SEO case
When working on growing the audience, SEO is one of the main components the brand needs to consider.
Exactly for it, one of our clients has reached out to H1.
Their request was to increase the quality and quantity of their official website traffic — and with no further ado, we begin our work.
Looking at the obtained results, we were able to identify several problems and their solutions immediately.
First, we started  by looking at the client’s website audit
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Optimization of pages
To improve the quality of page search queries, we needed to see the loading speed of the page for users. In general, there’re two tools for that:

  1. https://pagespeed.web.dev
  2. Lighthouse as part of Chrome developer tools

And so, we managed to determine that page performance was only 55. It was essential to increase it to 80.

We were also able to see the main problems and reasons for low efficiency. Each of these pages is evaluated by the Google search engine for its performance parameter

Inefficient pages are collected in groups, on the basis of their errors.
All those parameters were later attached to the task with instructions for programmers.

First Results
After making all the necessary adjustments were made and the first month has passed, Google began to intensively index the pages.
However, this intensity led to Indexing errors on Google’s behalf. Manual work in Google Search Console was needed. Each issue was worked on manually, reviewed, and resolved.
After another month, our work led to a phenomenal increase in the search indicators of the site. According to Google Search Console, the increase in key indicators was +88%.
Though the first search requests looked unusual they were more convenient for the organics. Nevertheless, our successful work over the next two to three months would result in an improvement in these unusual requests from 30% of the previous period.
We were also able to increase the number of pages that suited mobile traffic.

Overall, we can clearly see how important it’s to evaluate the primary audit of the site. What’s more, we identified critical errors and understand how quickly they can be eliminated by programmers, so in the future, we can get successful results twice as fast.