Aron Groups Broker
How we created and promoted an English Instagram account on the MENA market
We adore all the projects we work on and behind each one we hold a different story. And Aron Groups Broker has become one of those cases.
Our goals and KPIs
Goals: engage English-speaking audiences from Arab countries: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, and Iraq

KPI: 5,000 new subscribers in three months and an engagement rate of 3.5%
Our approach
At first, we analyzed the competitors and thoroughly studied Aron Groups Broker.

We received the brand book that helped us have a close look at the company’s request, values, strategy, and so on. Using it, we also were able to develop the visual style of the Instagram account based on the provided information and color palette: gold, yellow, black, and white.

The communication strategy was based on the broker’s core mission, tone of voice, and vision.

Broker’s mission: “Aron Group’s mission is to serve as a trusted partner to its clients by providing responsible, innovative, and transparent economical growth services. Our core activities are to assist our clients to maximise profitability and asset portfolio.”

Their brand vision: “Our vision is to become an outstanding financial service provider that prioritise client’s success. We are proud of our unique business model, values, and distinguished featured services.
To push industry boundaries and empower everyone to trade, invest, and maximise profitability.”
Our take
We were able to create unique and appealing content where visuals intersect with useful information for traders (from analytics to trading advice).

The Instagram feed wasn’t divided into rubrics with design templates. This helped create a diverse account that doesn’t bore the audience with certain designs.

Each post is interactive and supported by stories. The chosen Instagram strategy was aimed at engaging with the audience. All of that allowed us to distinguish Aron Groups Broker from the competitors and opened the possibility for the utilization of various game mechanics.

The developed hypothesis
Instagram equals visuals. Competitors mostly focus on the wrong aspects of social media, which created many drawbacks:

Instagram = showcase. Emphasis on visuals without useful content. Worn-out and dull content that doesn’t motivate people to follow the account.

Just graphics. Emphasis on expert content that scares beginners away. According to polls, most people believe that trading on Forex is only for experts: graphics are too difficult to read, especially for newcomers.

Overselling. Emphasis on making quick profits. It’s usual for bloggers and makes people more suspicious and trustless toward the company.

When developing content, we decided to avoid these mistakes and create content using game mechanics, appealing videos, and fresh unusual topics
Week Ahead: overview of key events affecting market dynamics

Strategies and indicators: forming expertise.

Newbies guide: forming expertise, increasing the trust of the audience.

Trading psychology: audience engagement, increasing the trust of the audience.

Traders lifestyle: audience engagement and connection
Global breaking news: forming the community, audience engagement.

Who is it: content about famous traders realized in games
Brand awareness posts: promos and bonuses.

For each post we thought out content making it both visually appealing and interesting. Doing it, helped some of our posts get into the suggested feed on Instagram which increased their performance.
Account promotion
In order to increase subscribers and engagement rate on the Aron Groups Broker account, we used different account promotion methods.

New subscribers were attracted through boosts that allowed our posts to reach out to as many people as possible. And also, to increase the engagement rate, we launched advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Average price per subscriber: $ 0.3 — which is a good number considering the constant blocking and various other factors.

Influencer collaborations
In five months we collaborated with 8 micro and macro bloggers. We created scripts for each created video, signed contracts, and worked on each stage of the production. The main purpose was to attract new people to the Aron Groups Broker’s account and increase their brand awareness.

The strategy we chose for the interaction with the bloggers was Reels. We chose this approach because this Instagram tool works very effectively. In practice, we can see it in numbers, for instance, one of our collaborations got us 141,000 views and attracted 1,500 new followers.


This blogger posted Reels about Aron Groups Broker that got 64,000 views and brought 1,000 new followers to our account.


Our most remarkable collaboration was at Forex Expo Dubai. We organized a meeting with the blogger to create a video right at the event — that later got 2,3 million views on YouTube.


Overall, we managed to get 5 million views from our collaborations.

With the done work and the use of post promotions on social media, in 5 months we managed to get 6,506 new followers and an engagement rate of 3.5%.