Email Enhancement

Direct Marketing Case
Direct marketing is a perfect solution for building a strong relationship with your audience as it focuses on personalizing content and targeting it to specific groups.
At H1 Marketing, we know how to work with direct marketing well and get the best results through it. And this case is proof of that!
Initial Results: Average involvement, low click-through rate (CTR) of 2,3% and Open Rate of 15%
Starting point
Remind users about the company and encourage them to take a targeted action
Increase audience engagement and CTR by at least 3 times
Initial state: Email campaigns with promo codes, promotions
Client: Forex broker
Guide platform visitors through the user flow to the deposit
Our Approach
Based on the found issues, we were able to set 3 main objectives for our work:
Our team began their work by analyzing the platform and email campaigns. We were able to determine several problems the broker had that led to such low results.
The team of designers created a branded layout. Now the client’s emails had a personal touch to them and could be distinguished from competitors' ones a lot easier.
We have begun work on redesigning emails. It was important to make them both visually appealing and convenient to use.
Email Workflow
Next, we started working on the Triggered Emails that targeted newly registered users. It consisted of 3 emails that contained:

  • Introduction to the client’s platform
  • Useful tips
  • Educational materials
  • Call for targeted action

By proposing this new workflow, we increased the chance that users get to the deposit which was the main goal of our direct marketing.
The newsletter was launched that redirected users to the client’s platform. For that, a new section was added to the website that contained useful content for traders.

Thus, we were able to remind users about the client’s platform which was one of the case’s goals. And also, ensured that the audience gets appealing relevant content and sticks around for further updates.
Further Performance Improvements
Besides the already described steps that also played a huge role in the improvement of the performance, some additional ones were taken.
And finally, the client’s audience was divided into several groups:
Next, to ensure that our emails get into inboxes more efficiently, we set up a Postmaster tool and changed sender domain settings in DNS (SPF, DKIM).
First, we proposed a new scheme for sending system emails.
By the end we were able to achieve excellent results that satisfied everyone’s expectations — we can confidently say that all the hard work paid off:

  • Initial statistics increased: CTR went from 2,3% to 9,8% and Open Rate went from 15% to 29,1%
  • Created Triggered Emails got Open Rate of 62% and CTR of 21,7%
  • The number of visits to the website from emails increased