Forex Broker

ADS case
How we increased broker’s registration numbers with Google Ads
The H1 team completes each client’s request with full dedication. And that’s what helps us achieve successful results — just like it was with one of our clients.

The client is a Forex broker that works with Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia. They approached us with a request to increase the number of registrations on the site using Google Ads. This tool was chosen because in the past the client already had a positive experience with it.

All those statistics were considered and used during the following work.
For analytics we connected Google Analytics 4, put a container on all pages of new sites, and configured data
transfer to Power BI
Using Keyword Planner, we collected English and Indonesian key phrases in the region:
We also decided which promotions will be advertised in this region based on Google research and data from analysts from other regions. The choice stopped on the Credit Bonus 100%, the iPhone 13 Pro Max promotion, the Deposit Insurance Program, an the Gold Rush promotion.
Advertising campaign launch
All search advertising campaigns were launched on Friday, September 16 according to the plan. We picked this exact date based on our research — in Indonesia interest in trading significantly increases on the weekend and falls on weekdays. The results were the following:
  • Beginning of the month (advertising isn’t launched) — an average of 100 registrations and 18 deposits per week.
  • End of month (advertising is working) — an average of 511 registrations and 32 deposits per week.
  • Increase in the number of deposits per week by 500%, increase in the number of deposits by 90%.

Advertising optimization
First things first, we looked at the quality of traffic that comes to the site from the search.

The results after the optimization of the search campaigns: the number of clicks almost doubled, and the cost decreased from $1.08 to $0.43.

We did the same steps for he display network: identified sites that brought us low-quality traffic and stopped their appearance for them.

The results of the display network campaign after three weeks looked like this: the price of the click increased due to the limitation on cheap and low-quality sites but the quality of traffic increased significantly.

After a week and a half of work we have accumulated enough data for the transition to automated strategies and have chosen the target conversion cost.

By adding automated strategies we measured the effectiveness of advertising campaigns: the number of registrations increased from 500 to 700 per week and the number of deposits increased from 30 to 40 per week.

After initial optimization, we decided to connect additional traffic sources and test the Discovery campaigns. Which are shown on YouTube and Gmail.

This type of campaign significantly increased the number of registrations on the website and gave us a reliable source of interested users.

As the data shows, the Marketing Department in cooperation with the Analytics and Design Department has managed to increase the number of registrations on the website from 100 per week to 3,000 per week and to increase the number of deposits by 5 times, from 16 to 60 per week.

  • Search engines bring the most traffic to the site.
  • The display network and Discovery campaigns are warming up the audience and increasing brand awareness.
  • Advertising of different types should work as a single mechanism, for this purpose we gather the audience, segment it, and work with it again in other advertising channels.
  • With proper distribution of the budget for promotional offers, well-considered strategy, and analytics, you can increase the number of leads and conversions on the site by 5 times or more.