Trip for Pip

Special Project
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Special Project
Improving the perception of the Forex market and trading
Often perceived as a dangerous and unforgiving endeavour, the Forex market deserves a better image. We were approached by a famous international broker with this challenging yet exciting task.

The broker asked us to raise awareness about the opportunities the exchange market offers, attract new audiences, convert novice traders into active ones, and strengthen the brand image.

It was a challenge, but a welcome one! Here is what we did.
We know that the broker's audience (and people in general) love having fun. They mostly have a positive attitude towards simple games, and we used this knowledge to our advantage.

That's why we decided to develop Trip for Pip. We made a website where the broker’s clients could participate in a quest, complete 7 simple tasks, and win a trip to London, Tokyo, or Dubai.

What is the point of the game? In the beginning, the participants met Pete, an ordinary office worker who dreams big. By completing a series of mini games, the players learned more about Forex, helped Pete become a trader, and got a chance to win a trip.
Trip for Pip: the quest
This interactive and brightly colored game caught the audience’s attention from first sight. Here are the examples of Trip for Pip’s tasks. Just look at this simple, yet charming design!
We are proud not only of the design, but also of the user-friendly interface of the website, 17-language localization, email marketing integration, the possibility to open a personal account, and more.

However, creating a website with games was only the start of our campaign. We needed to promote Trip for Pip and attract the audience to experience the games we've made.
For this case, we prioritized the following marketing channels
– Advertising (Google, Facebook, and Instagram)
– Influencer Marketing
– Media Placement
We achieved even more than we first anticipated. Brand awareness rose up to 34%. We managed to lower the cost of registration by 1.4 times and at the same time increase the deposits by 1.6 times. The broker’s social media followers increased by 208% in total.

That was the result we strived for.