Event production
Creating a viral influencer video
with 10M views on YouTube
Pandemic, ban on offline events, and high competition lowered the interest to our client's brand. So we set off for work and, as a result, expanded our agency's portfolio with this amazing case study.

The goal was to attract new clients and keep them engaged. We needed to do it fast and efficiently to achieve the necessary level of brand awareness. So we decided to go for influencer marketing.
We worked with a specific region: Indonesia. It meant that we had to come up with a solution that would inspire Indonesian people. To communicate with the audience effectively, we needed to deeply understand its values and interests, and dive into the local culture.

That was one of the reasons why we searched for a local Indonesian influencer. Wasting no time, we actively looked for the candidates and soon found a perfect match for the brand: Saykoji.
Saykoji is a famous Indonesian rapper, singer, and actor. He conquered the hearts of Indonesian people, and some of his songs are immensely popular in the region. With his great reputation and fame, Saykoji was a perfect choice for influencer marketing.
The product of our collaboration was a music video and a social media brand campaign. We carefully approached Saykoji’s style to find balance between the brand presence and the artist’s identity.

The result was a blast. The video not only attracted new clients but also gained positive feedback on social media. We launched a brand campaign on YouTube and Facebook, and soon enough, the video surpassed the 10 million views mark.

The cost of registrations lowered by 29%. At the same time, the number of registrations increased by 43% and the retention rate increased by 23%.

We also made a music track and uploaded it to Spotify, Apple Music, and Yandex Music. It gained popularity among the listeners.
Do you want to run a successful brand campaign with a celebrity?