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As a marketing agency, we have experience in event organization and management. One such example is Globalize, the first offline conference on international marketing, which took place in 2021.

The main goals were to facilitate the experience exchange and use the conference as a channel to increase brand awareness.

We were tasked with organizing the event from scratch, reaching out to international speakers and attracting more than 250 global traffic experts. Let’s have a look at how we pulled this off.
It all started with the event concept. To make a truly memorable experience for speakers and other participants, we worked on the creative and technical aspects from start to finish.

We wrote down every detail: the idea, venue, communication strategy, communication channels, and paid promotion. Everything down to the time and date, the tagline, and color scheme.
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When we began working on the landing page to promote Globalize, we came up with an idea to develop a virtual assistant. It was fresh and had a digital flavor, so we decided to pursue the idea.
So, here is Spot. As a true marketer’s virtual assistant, Spot was present everywhere: from the landing page and advertising materials up to the conference itself, where it was a host. Spot announced speakers and managed conversations with the audience.
Globalize! Spot
Google and Facebook
The advertising campaign was focused on two essential parts: brand and performance. The first one was set up to increase brand awareness. To do that, we made short brand videos with 6 to 15 seconds length and brand banners for Google and Facebook.

As for the second part, the performance campaign, we concentrated on increasing the potential audience’s motivation to buy tickets.
Here we organized paid native content placements in specific channels. This helped us find a common language with the audience.

We decided to reach out to the potential audience via professional media. In our case, via and websites.
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Direct Marketing
Email marketing is a key part of event organization. It engages the audience even before the event starts. And it helps inform the participants about the schedule, confirmations, and updates.
As a result, the Globalize marketing conference turned out to be a buzz:
tickets sold
with impressive expertise invited: Google, OWOX, Httpool, TikTok, SportQuake, LCFC, and more
14 famous speakers
among which were: AppsFlyer, EveryStraus, CleverDATA
7 new sponsors
The Globalize marketing conference got a lot of positive feedback. With our help, the company increased customer recognition and loyalty metrics. It was a game-changer among FinTech events. Also, an incredible opportunity for Russian marketers to exchange experience in an informal atmosphere of professional networking.