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Using the magic of New Year to increase the average purchase value
Marketers know better than anyone that audience needs a little push sometimes. In December 2021, a well-known international broker asked us to organize an engaging New Year promotion for its clients.

The primary goals were to raise traders' loyalty and increase the average purchase value. We went above and beyond on this case!
Creativity is the strength of our marketing agency. We strive to deliver emotional experiences to clients with the maximum gain for each client's business. To do that, we combine our innovative skills, best-in-class strategy, and creative thinking.

For the Gift Season promotion, we came up with a concept of a magic gift factory. According to the idea, clients can become owners of this factory and produce as many gifts and prizes as they want. As this holiday is family time, we offered the broker’s clients a win-win opportunity: to continue trading and get gifts for their families.
We also conducted customer research to define the most desired prizes. We noticed that the broker’s clients react positively to home appliances like microwave ovens, sewing machines, and washing machines.

That's why we decided to add them to the prize pool.
This promotion was launched on the web and mobile products of the broker. We prepared everything for the successful start of Gift Season. From the concept and key visual art to the IT background of the promotion.

We organized a big advertising campaign for Gift Season. We launched a landing page and promoted the contest on Google and Facebook. Using social media (Instagram, Twitter), we attracted the attention of the broker’s clients and encouraged them to take part in the celebration.

Email marketing was a major part of our customer outreach efforts.
The outcome of Gift Season was worth all our efforts. We analyzed the metrics to uncover additional opportunities, and here is what we learned.

94 704 clients took part in this promotion. Gift Season helped to engage 17 870 clients who had been inactive for more than 2 months before that. 8 642 clients fulfilled the conditions of the promotion. 563 prizes were given to the clients who won. And finally, Gift Season brought a 68% increase in the average purchase value of active clients.

H1 marketing agency works to make a difference. We engage the audience and drive the figures. Our team combines cutting-edge technologies with the deep industry-specific experience. We can do wonders for your brand.
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