Dream Big

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Launching the most heartwarming brand campaign across regions
We are H1, and we understand the importance of brand awareness. By showing and sharing the business' values, we can embed them into the audience’s lives. Therefore, when they casually come across the brand, they will not think twice before making a decision.

Dream Big is a video campaign that we launched in three regions to increase the popularity of our client's brand. We needed to create a positive experience, to make the company a source of inspiration.
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To raise brand awareness, we chose to create a story that would resonate with potential customers. The first concept that we used was "Family". We applied it to Asian countries.

This is a story about the importance of family and support for the relatives. People like stories, but even more so, they like stories that have an impact and carry an emotional message.

In the video, we see a family that runs a small café. Everything is good until someone breaks in and attacks the head of the family. He is injured, and other family members take him to a hospital.

The situation may look hopeless, but the family doesn’t give up and finds a way to deal with this situation. Eventually, they manage to pay all hospital bills, open a new restaurant, and expand their business.
The next concept was "Dream". We used it in a video for African countries. This time we decided to put an emphasis on the emotional bond between relatives, on the importance of dreaming big.

The plot is simple: A technician has a son. His son has a dream to become a football star. The technician remembers the old days and wants to help his son make a dream come true. No matter what.

Thanks to the technician's persistence combined with our client's product, his son succeeds. This is a touching story, which gave a significant rise to the audience’s positive responses.
The third concept was “Friendship”, and it fit perfectly with the Latin American audience. The story is about two friends who work in a car wash and dream about having a beautiful sports car one day.

The path to their goal is not easy, but eventually, one of the two friends reaches his dream with the help of our client’s product. They share the joy together. Positive reactions of the viewers proved that this video campaign was a perfect idea to humanize the brand.
What makes this campaign so special? First of all, we had only one month to prepare everything: ideas, concepts, filming. It's important to note that, as the campaign was prepared for multiple regions, it needed a personal touch for each.

We not only localized the videos, but also made voiceovers for them along with all the formats that Facebook and Google advertising requires. We were fast, effective, and all over the brand. Just the usual situation for the H1 marketing agency.