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Outsourced Marketing for a Forex Broker: 4 Case Studies That Prove That Agencies are Better than In-House Teams


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Marketing can be complicated. Especially in such a competitive and highly regulated industry as Forex. You need to prove that you’re trustworthy, attract new clients through multiple platforms, offer support to traders and celebrate their gains. That’s a lot of time and effort.

Life of a broker is already stressful enough: you not only need to maintain a comfortable trading environment, but also work on your image and status. In an attempt to wear multiple hats at once, your focus might get diluted. Stakes are high, and taking a loss is not an option.

Marketing outsourcing can be a great solution to this. To learn more about its general benefits and use cases, check out our recent article. Today we’re going to focus on the Forex-specific case studies straight from our portfolio, made in cooperation with a famous broker: FBS.

Case Studies

Special Project: Trip for Pip

People love having fun. That’s why gamification is such a powerful marketing tool – it makes seemingly mundane activities feel fresh. When we came up with the idea for “Trip for Pip”, we wanted to improve traders’ knowledge and make the Forex market more approachable.

The broker asked us to raise awareness about the opportunities the exchange market offers, attract new audiences, convert novice traders into active ones, and strengthen the brand image.
All of these points were addressed in a series of miniquests with a trip as the main prize.

Our decision to make a fun educational game brought great results: brand awareness rose up to 34%. We managed to lower the cost of registration by 1.4 times and at the same time increase the deposits by 1.6 times. The broker’s social media following increased by 208% in total.

Check out the “Trip for Pip” case and follow Pete on his path to financial freedom!

Holiday Promo: Gift Season

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is not just a catchy phrase from the famous New Year song. It’s a reality for marketers who know what they’re doing and what they want to achieve. This was the case for us when we launched the “Gift Season” holiday promo for our client.

For the “Gift Season” campaign, we came up with a concept of a magic gift factory. According to the idea, traders could become owners of this factory and produce as many gifts and prizes as they want. Broker’s clients continued trading as usual and got gifts for their families.

The goal was to improve brand loyalty and increase the average purchase value, and we succeeded! “Gift Season” brought a 68% increase in the APV of active clients. 17870 clients inactive for more than two months resumed their trading operations during the event. 

Learn more about the gift-giving money-making machine called “Gift Season”!

Brand Campaign: Dream Big

Brand awareness relies on memorable experiences. And what can be more memorable than an uplifting, inspiring story? To increase the popularity of our client’s brand, we made three video commercials for the Asian, African, and Latin American markets and launched “Dream Big”. 

“Dream Big” was a massive marketing campaign. We had to research three major audiences, explore their national values and local trends in one month. After all, each nation has its own cultural image of security and success, two main components of any Forex broker’s branding.

All three commercials shared the same message about the importance of dreaming big. They were fine-tuned to be more relatable to the target audience, and it turned out well: the brand got the recognition it deserves, and the viewers experienced a lot of positive emotions. 

Check out the “Dream Big” campaign and experience these emotions by yourself!

Influencer Marketing: Saykoji

If you’re looking for more “organic” methods to increase brand awareness, then influencer marketing is for you. To achieve success on the Indonesian market, we decided to tap into the local audience through collaboration with Saykoji, an Indonesian rapper, singer, and actor.

Why Saykoji? Because his public image is not spoiled by scandals and controversies. Forex broker’s brand needs to inspire trust in potential clients, so hype-seeking and clout-chasing influencers are out of the question. Saykoji’s personal brand is very inspiring and human.

“SAYKOJI feat. FBS – Trade Anytime. Earn Online (Rap Music Video)” surpassed the 10 million mark on YouTube. On the FBS website, the cost of registrations lowered by 29%, the number of registrations and retention rate increased by 43% and 23% respectively. It was a hit!

Watch the clip in the case and you’ll see how great of a match SAYKOJI x FBS is!

TL;DR: Outsource Saves Time

As you’ve probably noticed, marketing outsourcing can be quite effective. All of these case studies share one thing in common: they’re one-time projects that you can try out without a long-term commitment. Project-based approach makes outsourcing a very flexible tool.

Here at H1, we embrace both short-term and long-term commitments. After all, there’s nothing more exciting than the success you nurtured all by yourself. We love to see happy smiles of our clients in video calls, and enjoy using all opportunities at our disposal to their full extent.

Each Forex broker deserves a helping hand. Reclaim the time you deserve to have!