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Marketing Outsource: How to Freshen Up Your Brand and Save Resources

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Marketing outsourcing is a fresh trend in the business world. While long-term planning is as important as ever, the ability to react to changes becomes much more crucial. To create an inbound team, you need weeks. External teams can be hired within days.

But are they actually worth the investments? In our opinion, absolutely. Both small businesses and big corporations outsource parts of their operations. For example, Slack hired a design firm in the beginning of their journey to work on their app’s UI and UX and focus on development.

You too can free your company’s resources to focus your attention on product development and other things. Today we’ll explore the benefits of marketing outsourcing along with its use cases. 

Benefits of Outsourcing

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  • Decreased Costs. Inbound teams can take a lot of time to be built and optimized. You need to make job postings, interview the candidates, and ensure their effective communication. Every day counts in the business world, and agencies know that. You’re basically hiring a whole team in one sitting!

  • Valuable Insights. Full-time industry experts are a rare breed with high salary expectations. Besides, they don’t get as much exposure to different companies as agencies do. Outsource marketing teams can be specialized too, and their revenue model allows for much more diverse business experiences.

  • Additional Support. Marketing is a complex ecosystem, and even experienced specialists may have difficulties with certain parts of their job. Agencies have their offerings clearly laid out for you, so you can pay for a particular service without a full-time commitment. A handy way to try things out.

  • Limited Obligations. What makes marketing agencies truly special is their project-based approach. While you need a whole team to make a website, its maintenance can be done by a couple of employees. If you’re not making websites for a living, you can simply hire someone for a one-time job.

  • Fresh Perspectives. Even established teams sometimes need a breath of fresh air. That’s why marketing outsourcing is so great: you can get a big picture view on your promotional efforts. This allows you to spot growth opportunities that your employees accepted as a norm. Consciously or subconsciously. 

Outsourcing Use Cases

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  • Marketing Analytics. Inbound marketing teams can get used to their shortcomings, and it makes their reports biased. Sometimes all it takes to make things work is a small nudge from an expert. Agencies can offer you an audit of your performance, mark the growth zones, and assist you with essential fixes.

  • Marketing Strategy. Without a good strategy, any marketing campaign is bound to fail. While most teams can effectively execute a plan laid out for them, only some are capable of making effective plans. Outsource marketing agencies can make up for the lack of strategic thinking in your team.

  • Social Media Strategy. Audiences have different expectations depending on the platform. To serve each user base effectively, your team needs to generate a lot of unique and fresh content. Agencies not only take the differences between platforms into account, but also follow trends and best practices.

  • Content Marketing. Content development requires seamless cooperation between writers, designers, and other members of the marketing team. It’s a multi-step process that takes time to be honed with online tools and management methodologies. Outsource marketing teams offer this out of the box.

  • Email Marketing. Sign up is just the beginning. After the initial contact, you need to keep your customers engaged with news, special offers, and valuable freebies. It’s a competitive race for users’ attention taking place entirely within their email inbox. Quite a hustle, but manageable with external teams.

TL;DR: Eat, Pray, Outsource

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Marketing outsourcing is a valuable part of every manager’s toolkit. It can pave the way for the long-term success of your inbound marketing team, or even be an alternative to it. At times when your employees are extremely busy, a good marketing agency can back them up.

You can rest easy for the interaction between the internal and external teams. We work as our client’s own inbound marketing team. H1 Marketing Agency prides itself on seamless communication and deep integration into the client’s workflow.